What is 'artificial intelligence'?

These days, artificial intelligence is a buzzword we see everywhere. According to some, AI is poised to put humans out of their jobs, and ready to solve all major social problems. The concept of AI is used to designate so many different processes, systems, devices, and ideas that it almost loses any real meaning. What is behind this buzzword and the so-called intelligent technologies and their functions? How do our historical and cultural legacies affect our understanding, hopes, and projections for the future of AI?

Earlier, . At the same time, all computer systems—including AI—are essentially semiotic technologies, allowing for .

This nextbook investigates the meaning of AI in the contemporary western society, the historicity and the impact of this concept on our everyday lives.

The e-course is based on the topics discussed in the Winter School on AI and Society (Palacký University Olomouc, January 16-20, 2023) and the PhD research of Auli Viidalepp.


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